These agility classes are open to mixed breeds and pure breed dogs. Most dogs and their handlers will start with Introduction to Agility unless they have completed agility courses at another facility. The use of positive reinforcement, treats, and lots of praise are used throughout all of our agility classes.

  • No open toe shoes or flip flops allowed in class. 
  • Introduction to Agility / Puppy Agility: In this agility foundation course, the handler will begin to build a special working relationship with his/her dog that will result in an effective working team. As a team, you and your dog will begin to learn about targeting, handling on the flat, contact performance, and motivation. You will be introduced to the beginning agility equipment.  This class is for dogs that have not yet taken an agility course. The overall class goal is to assist the team in becoming familiar with all obstacles.
  • Agility 1: This class requires that the dog and his/her handler have completed the Introduction to Agility class or a comparable class at another dog training facility. The team of handler and dog will learn basic obstacle performance, handling skills, targeting, and will develop better communication. Dogs will work on solid sits, stays, recalls, and downs. They will begin working off-lead around other dogs, although dogs will be required to be on lead when they are not working. 
  • Agility Handling and Teacup: This class requires that the dog and his/her handler have completed and mastered Agility I, or a comparable class at another training facility, with approval from the class instructor. Dogs should be comfortable on most obstacles, and can work well off-lead around other dogs. This class concentrates on perfecting obstacle performance, increasing handling skills, and sequencing. The overall goal of this class to prepare the team to qualify at agility trials.

Agility collage