Kennels and Harnesses for Car Rides

Gunner Dog Kennels (5 Star Crash Tested)

Ruff Land Kennels

Saker Canine (crash tested harness)

Center for Pet Safety


Leashes and Collars

No Slip Leash

BioThane Leash (tensile strength 750lbs.)

Braided BioThane Leash Tabs (great for agility)

Agility Leash Tabs

Keeper Collars (martingale and hidden prong collars)

Kimberland Collars (prong collar)

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

Educator Collars

This collar operates using blunt medical grade stimulation (like a physical therapist TENS unit) rather than a sharp shock.  Tone and vibration are also available on these collars.  Ordering from this site directly ensures that you are getting the latest collar rather than a discontinued model.  These collars can also be found on Amazon (just check to be sure it is the latest model).  There is a chart midway down the page that compares models.  Dogs are able to swim while wearing these collars.

No-Bark Collar

Dog Rook No Bark collar from Amazon

Educator No Bark Collar




RAM Mesh adjustable

AKC Muzzle shop


Gates and Crates

Configurable Dog Gate (protects against dog rushing out door)

Frisco steel 8 panel configurable dog gate

XXL Dog Kennel (does not fold)

Frisco XXL heavy duty double door kennel


Dog Toys and Equipment

K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

Rex Specs (eye protection)

Hero Discs

Clean Run (agility equipment, toys and tugs)

4 My Merles (tug toys, slip leashes)

Training Treat Bag

Doggone Good Treat Bag

Frisbee Treat Toy

Doggone Good flying treat tug

Lotus Ball Training Tools

Go to and search for "Lotus Balls" with the quotation marks


Tools for deterring loose dogs on your walks

Coyote Vest

Pet Convincer

Pet Convincer from Amazon

Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector from Chewy

Fox 40 Electronic Whistle

Fox 40 whistle from Amazon