Keeper Collars (martingale and hidden prong collars)


Herm Sprenger Prong Collar


Julius K9 Super Grip Leashes


Educator Collars

This collar operates using blunt medical grade stimulation (like a physical therapist TENS unit) rather than a sharp shock.  Tone and vibration are also available on these collars.  Ordering from this site directly ensures that you are getting the latest collar rather than a discontinued model.  These collars can also be found on Amazon (just check to be sure it is the latest model).  There is a chart midway down the page that compares models.  Dogs are able to swim while wearing these collars.


The Leerburg company also sells the mini educator collars

There are 4 videos on this page showing the mini educator being used and explained by various people.


Dog Bark Collar


Baskerville Muzzle


Tools for deterring loose dogs on your walks:


Coyote Vest


Pet Convincer


Fox 40 Electronic Whistle